Sunday, February 01, 2004  

4 and a half months since my last post. I didn't really plan on going AWOL, but I haven't felt like blogging anything until now. If I haven't lost too many readers due to no updates, I may post more often.

What's new:

I'm busy polishing up my resume and talking with various companies about working with them once I graduate this August. I'm pretty optimistic about my chances of staying local to Niceville and my family and church, but it's possible I may end up elsewhere. Other than that, I'm [still] working fulltime at Papa Juan's and slowly making my way through these last few classes at UWF.

Here, in uber-condensed form, is what I would've posted about since my last post if I had posted anything [in chronological order]. Over the past 4.5 months, I've:

turned 21
seen Dierks Bentley [twice] and Montgomery Gentry and Charlie Daniels live at the Mullet Festival
lost a friend
stayed awake in downtown Atlanta for 2 full days
seen ROTK 6 times
had a friend go [literally] insane for a couple weeks
found out a friend is gay
weathered 2 weeks of a whole bunch of people trying to get me to join some Quixtar scam

Maybe I'll elaborate on some of that stuff later on.

For now, I'm gonna get back to the Super Bowl, so if you want something to do, go check out Jon Barlow's Howard Dean clip.

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